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  • Anyclip


    AnyClip is a video data and technology company revolutionizing the digital video industry with software, insights and services for media companies and marketers. We are here to help you see a brighte …

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  • track fit

    Track Fit

    A full-stack application built with node.js and react.js. A user logs in and can keep track of their calory intake as well as their exercise routine.

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  • our bond

    Our Bond

    Built a booking system for ourbond.com. This project involved collecting a detailed form fro the user, calculating the total that would be charged for the service, processing the payment and then fina …

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  • homepage image

    Music portfolio

    Artist portfolio with the ability to upload and play music on a custom-built player, three.js visuals, and payment system setup with stripe. This Is a simple looking site with a lot of power for itera …

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  • nanit


    Worked on Nanit's community platform as a front end developer. Worked closely with designers to build reusable ui elements.

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  • kessler

    Kessler Crane

    Developed a custom Shopify theme for Kessler Cranes's new online storefront.

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  • Katamaran


    A fun project and a study into sass and responsive design with flex box

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  • Marino logo

    Marino pr

    Marino is a fully integrated, strategic communications firm of media specialists and digital strategists building brands and changing perceptions.

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  • Write meow

    Write Meow

    Write Meow is a full-stack application built on the Django framework. It uses extensive Python 3 to manage the backend and also HTML, JavaScript and CSS to create the front end. A user can log in to t …

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  • CnSight

    Worked as the front end developer to refactor CnSight's primary dashboard. This dashboard used React Hooks and Redux for state management, Material Ui and styled components for styling, and HighCharts …

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  • Karaoke


    This application uses the YouTube API coupled with the MusixMatch API to fetch a song to playback and it's corresponding lyrics. Built with React and leveraging multiple API's to get the functionality …

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  • dose


    Your daily dose of music shared with your friends. This Application was a prototype project between a team of UX Designers and Developers. It was a proof of concept as a platform for users to update a …

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  • Web music


    WebMusic was built using p5's audio and visual methods. Built-in the style of the traditional analogue step sequencers. You can add your own sounds and create unique beats.

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  • twenty


    Welcome to 2048 build with JavaScript, CSS and HTML. Just like the popular game a player must reach 2048 by swiping blocks of the same value together, which will multiply those two numbers.

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